Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Active List

Stores have been joining by the day!  Join the group and help spread the word.  Designers are putting up some fantastic stuff for you; should really check them out.

Each time a designer places Discount Roulette up in their shop, we will announce it here.  And also put it in the "Store List" section of this blog.

Active Stores

* ~ Shame Me Designs

* ~ Tresor               

* ~ Tori's Stylez     

* ~ .:Glint:              

* ~ Busty Boutique

* ~ Graffitiwear     

* ~ Glitterati by Sapphire

* ~  Sjaja                

* ~ Venomous Rage Designs

* ~ B Barbie Style 

* ~ Heydra             

* ~ Blue Moon      

* ~  MadCatCreations Boutique

* ~ Eyegasmic      

* ~  Illuminatus Clothing Co.

* ~ LadyMagnum's Galla Of Artistic Creations

* ~ Sin Original   

* ~ Petit Chat 's Creation

* ~ Damn & Sweet

* ~ Sascha's Designs

* ~ Chaznookz   

* ~ Pink Candy  

~~ Julya Lykin

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Family Members

There are so many awesome designers that has joined the Discount Roulette family.  The family grows daily.  Keep checking back to see who's next =).

Check them out here:

~ JL

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Introducing Discount Roulette

I've always been into fashion.  But marketing is my passion.  I'm always looking for new exciting ways to get the word out.  Hail the birth of Discount Roulette.

What is it?

Discount Roulette is the latest marketing tool.  It's an exciting new way to shop.  Have fun as you shop & have a chance of getting a great discount. If your lucky you may get it for free.  The perfect answer for designers & customers alike.  Designers want to make money off their products & customers want things for free. This machine blends the best of both worlds.

How do I use it?

Find one of the growing number of stores with Discount Roulette.  (Check back frequently for new locations.)  Pay the price of the item in Discount Roulette.  Once you pay you will receive your item and a random discount between 10 to 100% off!

Where are they?

Keep your eye on the tab, Participating Stores more are on the way!